Sample Evaluation

13 Skills

Sample Evaluation Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Sample Evaluation Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Review, plan, and develop a collection.
  • Test and choose the appropriate sewing techniques for selected fabrics.
  • Calculate the cost and price the collection.
  • Evaluate the market competition.

Developing a collection

  • Reviewing past successes and failures
  • Planning the Line Sheet
  • Formulas for numbers of tops vs. bottoms
  • Inventory of sample fabric on hand and potential wholesale quantities
  • Confirming price breaks on fabric quantities, adjusting number of styles
  • Testing different sewing techniques for selected fabrics

Costing and pricing a collection

  • Different Industry formulas for calculating costs
  • Calculating labor and materials costs per collection
  • Industry formulas for pricing a collection at wholesale and retail
  • What the market will bear/evaluating competition
  • Perceived value and how to raise it in a low cost way
  • Graphing low price/high production vs. high price/limited production
  • Risk/reward analysis and Murphy’s Law