18 Skills

Production Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Production Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Plan and calculate a production run.
  • Calculate man-hours for payroll.
  • Calculate piece rate per garment and handwork.
  • Manage a production run for a collection.

Planning a production run

  • Commonly used ratios for sizes
  • Calculating an over run by projecting from sales data
  • Industry formulas for risk management
  • WIP – work in progress
  • single operator vs. team approach to sewing
  • Using reports of orders, inventory, need to make
  • Checking against reality for common sense estimates
  • Man-Hours calculations for hiring additional piece rate workers
  • Formulas for calculating piece rate pay per garment
  • Formulas for calculating piece rate for handwork

Managing Production

  • Industrial machine cutting – how many garments in one cut run
  • how many cut runs per week
  • How many cut runs per collection
  • How many cut runs per season
  • Twenty machine operators – how many garments per day
  • Handwork – how many buttons per day
  • Inspection – how many garments per day
  • Sorting in Shipping – how many garments per day
  • Daily tasks to keep production ticking
  • Early Alarm Bells – how to recognize production is off track
  • Adjusting a plan on the fly
  • Buying and Repairing machines