Product Development

27 Skills

Product Development Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Product Development Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Source, develop, and test fabrics.
  • Develop, cut, and fit the first sample garment.
  • Develop a salesman’s sample line.
  • Inventory and code garments using industry specifications.
  • Create a pattern library system.

Sourcing Fabrics, Trims and Notions

  • Decision making process involved in selecting and purchasing
  • Sourcing and recording purchases at national Trade Shows
  • Work directly with Jobbers, decision making and recording purchases
  • Sourcing from and recording purchases from Converters
  • Developing, Sourcing and recording purchases from American Artisans
  • Creating a purchase order form
  • Follow up skills

Developing new fabrics

  • Developing fabric to be made by American suppliers
  • Developing fabric to be made by International suppliers
  • Visits to American suppliers

Garment Development

  • Developing a ‘first sample garment’
  • Initial pattern making with plan to make 100 per style
  • Testing the fabric performance and potential finishing techniques
  • Cutting the first sample from the test pattern
  • Sewing the first sample and altering style proportions
  • Testing on fit model
  • Pattern adjustment
  • Making a Factory sample
  • Making Multiple Salesman’s samples

Garment Specification Recording

  • Naming and assigning inventory code using industry specifications
  • Recording Measurements, front, back, sleeves, collars, cuffs….
  • Recording fabric Swatches and cutting direction instructions
  • Recording Sewing Techniques for construction and finishing
  • Recording thread color, care instruction and fiber content
  • Flat photography of sample for Spec sheet

Using the Pattern ‘Library’

  • Assigning pattern numbers and variations to new garment designs
  • Creating a pattern library system using industry standards