Inventory Management

18 Skills

Inventory Management Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Inventory Management Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Manage databases, spreadsheets, and inventories.
  • Understand the quality control process of garment production.
  • Understand and navigate the USA garment labeling requirements.

Inventory data base management

  • Understanding a database
  • Getting reports from a database
  • Adding data into a database
  • Limits of databases
  • Databases vs. spread sheets for new businesses
  • Counting and recording year end inventory

Quality Control

  • Inspection check list – what to watch for all garment production
  • Catching a new problem in a new style
  • Common Solutions for common problems e.g. oil machine spots
  • The two problem trick for solving new problems creatively
  • Replacing fabrics in an on-going style
  • Dry cleaners and crushed style fabric designs

USA labeling requirements

  • What country of origin if China provides just the thread
  • Care instructions and who is liable
  • Fiber content and how to find out if your supplier doesn’t know
  • Registration numbers
  • Style numbers
  • Sizing