20 Skills

Distribution Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Distribution Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Estimate the number of designs and garments to generate per year.
  • Develop systems for moving garments from production to stores.
  • Develop packing slips and invoices.

200 designs per year

  • Environment to generate an average of a design a day, every day

20,000 garments per year

  • System to move 100 garments a day out the door

500 boutiques

  • System of Alphabetical and dating system by cancel date
  • Why is a Cancel Date in the Fashion industry so crucial
  • System to sort multiple styles into orders efficiently

Packing Slips

  • What is a packing slip vs. an invoice
  • What information goes on a packing slip but not an invoice
  • Why
  • How to use one to record what is with the order
  • Creating one for your own company


  • What is an invoice
  • What information goes on one vs. a packing slip
  • Why
  • System to track invoices
  • Electronic vs. paper invoicing
  • Electronic payments vs. checks
  • Recording consignment goods leaving and returning to the facility
  • What are the two ways ‘Trunk Show’ is used in the Industry
  • Invoicing sold consignment goods
  • On-Line sales and invoicing