Customer Service

33 Skills

Customer Service Station Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Customer Service Station Module, students will be able to:

  • Network with sales reps from various regions.
  • Locate sales reps for target lines.
  • Showcase lines at trade shows.
  • Hang, tag, and ship garments.
  • Communicate with independent specialty boutiques.
  • Communicate with direct on-line customers.
  • Manage administrative and office duties.

Sales Reps

  • Working with our sales reps in New England, NY, Mid Atlantic, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles
  • Recording samples sent to reps and returned from them
  • How to research a suitable sales rep for your own line
  • Communicating with a sales rep for the first time
  • Choosing to be your own sales rep
  • Alternative methods of going to market
  • Sales commissions, reorders, show room fees, show fees, draw down
  • Negotiable relationships


  • Buyers Lists
  • Selecting a Trade Show
  • Setting up a booth at a Trade Show
  • Department stores requirements: special hangers, tags, shipping
  • Delay from ordering to delivery for production
  • Credit worthiness checks, COD, and CC orders
  • Methods of communication – on line trade magazines

Independent Specialty Boutique owners

  • Who are they
  • Where are they
  • What they need for the window
  • reorders – risk vs. reward
  • special orders
  • methods of communication – phone calls from boutique staff
  • Age of customers and buying habits

Direct On-Line customer relationships

  • Who are they
  • How to get them
  • Maintaining them
  • Methods of communication – mobile devices
  • Age of customers and buying habits

Words and pictures

  • How to answer the phone or an e-mail
  • Sending photos by e-mail or in Dropbox
  • Guiding the customer to a product that fills their need
  • Getting to yes
  • Defusing an upset customer: making them your biggest fan
  • Following up and recording results